Little Love Notes

Look what I’ve found inside my wallet! “Love notes.. from my loved ones!”

#sasikirana – with Denny

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Ballet 101

Masih belum bisa move on dari Indonesian Ballet Gala hari Sabtu lalu, terus nemu ini di YouTube : Ballet 101 – Eric Gautier.
Kalau yg Sabtu lalu dibawakan sama Kim Younsik, versi ini ditarikan oleh Armando Broswell. Walaupun videonya agak blurr blurr gmn.. tetap, sangat menghibur!
Ini linknya.. buat yg blum sempat lihat 101 (or should I say “seribu satu”) posisi Ballet.

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An Incredible Groomsmen Perfomance

An epic wedding video by two professionals ballet dancer!


When two professional ballet dancers get married, they set the bar for wedding dances incredibly high.

Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the bride, Valerie Tellmann-Henning, who performs with the Richmond Ballet, asked her now-husband Kirk Henning to choreograph a groomsmen dance. While he kept telling her it probably would not happen because of his hectic traveling schedule, he was secretly sending out tutorial videos to his eight groomsmen.

The routine featured the men grooving to β€œUptown Funk” by Mark Ronson (featuring Bruno Mars). Confetti dropped as they danced to β€œ(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears. And they donned cowboy hats for the country music portion.

Don’t know how the other wedding guests worked up the courage to hit the dance floor after that performance.

(New York Daily News)

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